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Baths & Packs

Wellness in the Pitztal – simply incomparable

When a second turns into infinity

When enjoying a bath or resting on a soft pack lounger, time loses importance and conscious being will determine your perception. Enjoy the warmth, the peace, the fragrances and the soothing effects with your entire body. Completely surrender to these feel-good moments, concentrate on your thoughts and feelings. After the treatment, you will leave our relax area with a smile on your face.

Whether honey pine, stone oil or hay flower – our spa treatments revitalise, activate and provide balance. When enjoying a primrose willow or fango wrap, you will literally feel, how your spirits are re-activated.

All baths and wraps are also available as couple’s treatment. In addition we offer special applications that provide unforgettable feel-good moments for two. Look forward to a relaxed time in the Pitztal, at the Mandarfner Hof Spa & Wellness Hotel!

Full baths

Cleopatra Milk Oil Bath

Wonderful for dry skin. The revitalising effect of the soothing oil mixture will make visible improvements to your skin.

20 min. € 28,-

Eucalyptus Bath

The eucalyptus bath is a warming bathing experience. It has an anti-inflammatory effect. The eucalyptus bath is ideal for fighting coughs and colds.

20 min. € 28,-

Sea Salt oil Bath

On one hand, the sea salt oil bath contain sea salt, which provides many important minerals. On the other hand the oil contains vitamin E, lecithin and linoleic acid. The salt oil bath helps to purify the body, and leaves a fine oil film on your skin when you leave the bath, which also helps to care for your skin. This bath is ideal for skin care.

20 min. € 28,-

Wildflower Bath

The wildflower bath contains the powers of particularly nutrient-rich grasses and plants which grow in Alpine pastures. During the traditional process of this extraction, only fresh spring water and a little alcoholic berry distillate are added. The wildflower bath with the aromas of sunny mountain pastures improves blood circulation and at the same time provides peace for the whole body.

20 min. € 28,-

Honey & Swiss Pine Bath

A fantastic aromatic and soothing relaxation bath for the body and soul. Essential oils from the Swiss Pine have a soothing effect, are slightly anti-bacterial, and regulate the moisture of the skin.

20 min. € 28,-

Tyrol Rock Oil Bath

The rock oil is extracted from oil shale, for which the Karwendel Mountains are known. The fat content of this oil shale comes from the deposition of early plants and animals. The high amount of natural sulphur makes this rock oil an effective treatment for skin problems, rheumatism and joint complaints.

20 min. € 28,-

Vitality Bath with Tyrol Rock Oil

For the regeneration and revitalisation of your youl and body, particularly in the early stages of a cold. The vitality bath is treasured due to its special mixture of valuable essential oils. In addition, moisturising agents such as jojoba oil and soya oil care for the skin and keep it sleek & smooth. A pleasant aroma and the skin toning effect give you a feeling of true relaxation and peace, particularly on cold, wet days.

20 min. € 28,-

Wellness Bath

Do something good for your body and soul and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of an aromatic relaxation bath, with essential oils to help sooth you.

20 min. € 28,-

Extra charge for treatments for couples

You are also welcome to enjoy the bath of your choice together with your partner.

€ 8,-

Packs in the Soft Pack Bed

Evening Primrose Cream Bath

Evening primrose oil contains minerals, vitamins and nearly 10% unsaturated fatty acids, alongside important amino acids. Above all, the gamma-Linolenic acid and the vitamin E play an important role in the prevention of premature skin aging. A pack with this valuable natural product provides the body with relaxation and care.

approx. 40 min. € 30,-

Algae Pack

The soothing effect of the algae is primarily for purification, and has proven to be successful. Because sea algae can be found in the algae pack, it can be assumed that the algae pack also provides the body with important vitamins, minerals and elements such as zinc, iodine, copper and phosphor. If you are allergic to iodine, you should be extremely careful when dealing with an algae pack.

approx. 40 min. € 30,-

Mud Pack

Warmth treatments with mud are a perfect treatment method, for additional support for the healing process. The mud is applied to the relevant part of the body and is left there for around 20 - 30 minutes. During this time, blood circulation increases, which stimulates metabolism and cell activity, strengthens the immune system, and reduces tonicity.

approx. 40 min. € 30,-

Fango Pack

The Fango pack (fango means mud in Italian) is a mixture of volcanic tuff stone and paraffin wax. The fango is applied to the relevant part of the body and is left there for around 20 - 30 minutes. Blood circulation in the part of the body where this treatment is applied increases considerably. Fango packs have an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect.

approx. 40 min. € 30,-

Pitztaler Hay

approx. 40 min. € 30,-