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Welcome to the Marndarfner Hof Hotel

Time for Special Moments and lasting memories

Your 4-start Hotel in St. Leonhard in the Pitztal

Time. Nothing is as valuable and as difficult to seize. Once the moment has passed, all that remains is the memory of it. We at the Mandarfner Hof Hotel therefore attach great importance to experiencing and enjoying every moment and every second as intensively as possible. So do take your time, consciously, when visiting us here in the Pitztal. Grant yourself and your loved ones unforgettable moments of happiness, nature experiences and sensory impressions, creating memories together that you will live on for a long time.
Our goal is to make your stay as timeless as possible. Arrive, feel warmly welcome and simply let yourself be carried along. No clocks, mobile phones, alarms. Only you, nature, the mountains, the sky and a warm smile, a friendly glance at every corner. Whether relaxed moments of peace and recreation, pleasure-filled leisure time or active experiences in fresh mountain air: How you spend every single moment is up to you – consciously decide for yourself!
Time to finally arrive.

We look forward to getting to know you and to spending a great time together with you in the Pitztal!
Your hosts, the Kammerhofer family